Love Spell Course

Looking for a love spell that works? Well, since Halloween has passed, I've been busy making magick, and I even got married!

Most importantly, I’ve been tightening up my love spell game!!

I’ve put together a free 5-part email course to create your own love spells, which you can use “kitchen witch” style with items found in your area, or with magickal tools you can purchase online from other conjure goddesses, such as The Conjure Goddess.

Love magick is highly personal, and there is a lot of room for you to add your own style, which, in my opinion, makes them more powerful.

I’m a candle magick girl myself, but in addition to a candle spell, I’ve included other methods that you can do yourself, even if you have privacy issues, such as a nosy roommate or family member. 

The common elements of these spells are the foundation: preparing yourself for love.

When it comes to love (and life in general): Half-ass efforts equal half-ass results. So before proceeding, ask yourself:

* Are you ready for love?

* Is there room in your life for love?

If so, sign up for my free course at: