Review of Marie Laveau Course by Denise Alvarado

Today’s video is a shout out and review for Denise Alvarado’s course on Marie Laveau! I recommend it highly! ⠀

Follow Denise at @creole_moon on Instagram, and sign up for the Marie Laveau course at ⠀

I first learned about Marie Laveau while my study of jazz history led me to New Orleans, where Marie Laveau was born in 1801. I lived in New Orleans briefly almost 30 years ago, and was amazed at how many people visited her grave to make petitions. ⠀

There is much mystery around her life. If all you know about Marie Laveau is that Angela Bassett played her on American Horror Story: Coven, Denise’s course does a thorough job of teaching you about the real person, not just the tourist or Hollywood version that everyone hears. ⠀

As Marie Laveau is the namesake for this IG channel, I felt it was important to learn more about her spiritual legacy. Marie’s face is featured on my “100% That Witch” t-shirt because I wanted to feature a black witch for my blitches and brujas. You can check out my shirt at, or click the link in the bio. ⠀

But whatever you do, always remember that Marie Laveau is a real woman who lived, and she left behind a legacy worth studying.


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